Inception – Science fiction or Reality?

In 2010, Inception movie directed by Christopher Nolan was released and it was accepted world-wide. You may also know that the movie talks about entering into human mind through dream invasion. Some people (including me) thought it’s just another science-fiction movie which talks about some concept which is never possible. I was wrong. One of my friend, told about a guy known as “Keith Barry” and he does mind-reading and the concept in the movie is a just another possibility in that perspective.

There are lot of street magicians who does some sort of mind reading using Cards or Coins and all and thought Keith Barry will be also someone like that. But I was wrong.  You will also agree with me if you see the stage show which he does in TED (yes, we can trust TED). In the video, he drives a car blind-folded reading other driver’s mind and also he enters into 2 people’s mind and controls them in the stage.

So, don’t miss the video posted in TED and post your comments in the blog.

Here’s the link in TED


  1. Seen the video before, very impressive. thanks for sharing!

  2. yeah the video is bit old..but thought it will b a good archive for the blog :)


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