My favorite song of 2011 – Sadda HAQ

My 1st blog in entertainment category. It will be injustice to my conscience if I do not post about this song. Though there are around 100s of other songs I like, but this one is very special – the most powerful song I have heard this Year. I think this is the 1st one in Hindi movies in this Genre (may be I’m wrong).
One cool thing about this song is – either people LOVE it or they just HATE it. So 1st listen to this one if you haven’t yet!!!
This song is great with cos of 3 elements – Powerful lyrics & Music, Great video (Ranbir did it a live performance), and most Powerful Guitar
So here’s the story of this song (from Wikipedia)

"Saadda Haq" is a song composed by A. R. Rahman for the 2011 Indian musical film Rockstar.The film starsRanbir Kapoor, Nargis Fakhri in leading roles and is directed by Imtiaz Ali, known for his previous romantic caper Jab We Met. The song features vocals by Mohit Chauhan and additional vocals by Clinton Cerejo and also song also features Orianthi, as a guitarist.[1].
Saadda Haq has a powerful set of lyrics with a rebellious tone. The Hook (music) 'Sadda haq aithe rakh' repeated many times throughout the song is in Punjabi language. It contextually means "Keep our right back from where you took it away".


According to Rahman, Rockstar is "a character driven film" and hence he had to make use of rock music and guitars.[2] While working on "Saadda Haq", the team (Rahman, Imtiaz, Irshad Kamil and Mohit Chauhan) agreed that they needed a fantastic lead guitarist to justify the tempo and the lyrics of the song. While Rahman and director Imtiaz Ali had short-listed several Indian and international musicians, they had Orianthi on the top of their list, given her incredible body of work and her huge international success. Rahman checked with her agent in Los Angeles and even met Orianthi during one of his visits there. He made her hear the track and Orianthi immediately agreed to be a part of the film,[1] hence Rahman's first collaboration with Orianthi.


A.R.Rahman with Orianthi during the recording of Saadda Haq
Rahman recorded the song in his Los Angeles studio. Mohit Chauhan says, "I spent an entire day trying to record Sadda Haq with Rahman saab. But couldn't get it right. The next day, I did a take when he was yet to arrive and it sounded perfect."[3] The process took six hours, while Imtiaz witnessed the entire process through Skype.[4]

Music video

The music video has Ranbir Kapoor performing infront of a live audience. The video was shot mainly at the Norbulingka monastery in McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala and at Central Park in Connaught Place, Delhi, showcasing the band performing to a packed audience.[5][6] A group of 200 performers from Shimla who had worked with Imtiaz Ali during the shoot of "Yeh Ishq Hai" from Jab We Met teamed up for "Saadda Haq" too. The group that specialises in the folk dance of Tibet had reportedly left the director impressed by their talent. "While shooting for Rockstar in Dharamshala for a concert sequence for Saadda Haq, Imtiaz suggested calling the same group of performers from Shimla with whom he had worked during Jab We Met,” says a source from the production team."[7]
Ranbir had travelled to Chennai and stayed with Rahman for a week in order to "feel the song imbibe and absorb it" so that when he finally performs it, the song would be an "extension of his personality."[8]
"Saadda Haq" was initially supposed to be a song that plays in the background whenever Ranbir Kapoor exhibited his rockstar mannerisms. Says a source, "Imtiaz [Ali] was supposed to shoot this as any other regular number, in fact a song sung by a bunch of chorus artists. But during the process of shooting when the locals of Dharamsala heard the song, they all ganged up to convince Imtiaz to convert this into a live song. The song speaks for anyone who is asking for their rights. So especially those groups of people who have been fighting for a cause [to free Tibet] over so many years felt like it was something they have wanted to say for all these years. The locals stepped up and participated in the shoot and involuntarily became part of the song. They used to shoot for 10 hours straight without any money, because they felt like it was their song." So the song, which was to be shot at one stretch in Dharamsala, then came down to Delhiand Mumbai, where the director shot with local rock bands too. Adds the source, "Ranbir himself was pretty surprised with the massive crowds who used to gather when the song was played. In fact, he made sure he took notes from some local Mumbai rock bands, to understand and adopt to their style of singing."[9]


The song received immense critical praise. Mitesh Saraf of Planet Bollywood wrote, "It’s mad, it’s wild, and it’s strangely catchy, Saadda Haqq, Aithe Rakh portrays the anguish and audacious Janardan (the protagonist of the movie, played by Ranbir Kapoor) in the movie and is no short of being an anthem in the coming days, especially in case of protests. It takes a bit (1.30 minutes) of time to set the mood and the high point comes in the form of some bold lyrics thrown at society with Mohit Chauhan in a never-heard before high pitched voice which leaves the listeners stunned. The highly energetic Electric Guitar (Kudos to Rahman for selecting Orianthi) and Drum Beats (Oscar Seaton) provides an adrenalin rush and sweeps you off your feet.[10]
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