Save battery for Android phones

I started using my Android 1 month back and noticed that battery was not lasting more than 12 hours with default settings. I was forced to carry my charger wherever I go and it was embarrassing for me. Then I went through some android forums and found few tips which were very useful. Now my battery longs for more than a day.

Here are the tips which helped me. Try this and I’m sure you will save lot of battery.

1) Widgets - Add less number of widgets in your Home screen. Try creating program shortcuts instead of adding widgets. To remove a widget from home, hold on the icon and move it to recycle bin.

2) Task manager – Install task manager (freely available in market) and kill the un-necessary tasks 

3) Don’t click on Home button directly after running a program. Since android OS supports multi-tasking, the program will be running in the background and will eat your battery. Instead, click on back button to exit a program

4) Background data – This takes a lot of battery and I did not think this need always to be ON. This is needed to sync data, install applications from market etc. To turn this off go to Settings – Accounts & Sync – uncheck background data.

5) Connectivity – This includes Bluetooth, WI-Fi, Edge-3G and main sources of battery usage. Turn –off these things after the use and save huge amount of battery. Go to Settings – Wireless & Network – switch off/on connectivity

6) GPS – Turn off GPS if you are not using applications like Navigation/Google Maps

7) Display settings - Also reduce the screen brightness , screen timeout and have a darker wallpaper.