Some apps that my Android phone cant live without

I am listing some of my favorite android apps that I have used after upgrading to CyanogenMod 7.1. Check it out and lemme know if you feels the same way !!!


1) Touchpal Contacts

I have tried many apps like Go Dialer, Dialer One etc to manage contacts and make calls and this is my favorite

Killer features – It will show the registered location of the contact as soon as you start typing the number. It will list the district wise list for landline (For eg: 080 for Bangalore, 0452 for Madurai etc). For mobiles, it will show you the registered operator or location based on your luck. This helps me to avoid taking most of the ad calls

Other feature does not support in Indian operators such as – You can see whether your contacts are tied up before you make calls. If they are busy, you may mark them and get a notification when they turns free. If someone calls you when you are busy, you can let the app to text your status to them via SMS.

2) Go SMS Pro

This one is cooler one than the default messaging app comes with Android OS

Killer features – You can schedule future messages and this helped to wake some people in the morning while I was still in bed. Also the private inbox is useful to move confidential messages to another inbox protected by password.

Also this app has other features such as – view messages in conversation mode, dashboard to see contacts, create folders, backup messages etc.

3) Switkey

I had given touchpal keyboard in rank 3 and it is replaced by Switkey after using it
I have used other keyboards which predict the word, but this goes to the next level. If you draw pattern for typing, you can go for touchpal

Killer features – It can learn from your e-mail / twitter and old messages and do rapid typing. It predicts the next word and I have found it is 70% accurate. Helped me to reduce the key strokes !!! Go for it

4) MX Player

Awesome video player compared to other competitors in market.

Killer features – This app plays almost any format of video (similar to VLC in PC). It can display sub-titles from a downloaded subtitle file. Also you change the aspect ratio of the videos or zoom till 250%

Also app supports software decoders which will give different channel sounds (2.1, 5.1 etc)


1) Go Launcher Ex

Best one compared to ADW launcher, TSF shell, Apex or the phones default one.

Killer feature – This launcher is very neat with 3 tabs – All, Recent and Running. You can kill, stop apps from 3rd tab and free memory. Also you can download add-on widgets for weather, task, calendar etc.

2) Sun rise live wallpaper

Very refreshing one which can bring smile on your face in the morning - Beautiful rainbow, greetings by birds – amazing animation too

3) Widget Locker

Customize your lock screen gestures and this will make your phone look unique and beautiful. It has also enhanced themes to bring styles of iPhone, HTC, Gingerbread etc. Add your widgets to the screen to avoid unlocking phone each time.