New Google Inbox Review - Hands on

OMG ….This is my 1st article for 2014. I am happy and it is for reviewing Google’s product – the company I always look for something new

So what is the Inbox is all about? It is still running in experimental mode and hence Google is using invite model. Also the invite says it is from GMail. This raises the eyebrows.. Are they gonna stop GMail? Not really … Not for now


When GMail was started 10 years ago, it redefined the email concept. Till then inbox size was limited and we used to delete mails everyday to keep it going. Also the interface was un-interesting and slow (we were using dial-up connection those days remember). GMail gave unlimited storage (1GB in the start) and very simple design and it was faster than others. It started getting attention and soon became the most reliable email client.

Some users were concerned that Google is reading their emails. The mails are automatically scanned and used for context sensitive ads and filter spam. If you are worried about that, I will suggest you look for some other email service.

Tabbed Inbox
Google introduced various tabs for inbox in mid 2013. The mails will be categorized into different tabs – Primary, Social, Updates, Promotions, Forums based on the content. This is very useful since we get bunch of promo mails and we will miss important mails from friends or work.

“Google Now” updates from GMail
Another step… we will receive notification about flight, delivery of package in “Google Now” based on the email content. Track package link will be available in “Google Now”

New Inbox

The new Inbox from GMail is the combination of above features and few other Google+ tools. It has used concept of tabs, Google Now updates, Google+ reminders and more importantly “Material Design”.

The material design makes it fresh and cooler than GMail. As of now GMail and Inbox works together and long term one can fade away. Now let’s see how it looks

This is how my desktop version looks

Similar to GMail tabs, emails are categorized based on the content. On clicking any tab, I will be able to see the emails. Colors used are very mild and pleasing to eyes. Different actions are displayed as we move the mouse over the email.

Instead of “move to trash” or delete Inbox has used word “mark as done” – with tick mark.  These mails will be moved to “Done” inbox. Also we can snooze an email for some duration (say you want to pay the bill after 2 days and till then you don’t want to see the mail). Also on moving the mouse on icon, it changes to checkbox for selecting multiple mails (Small but beautiful feature)

Also Inbox uses images wherever possible – purchase update, map links etc to make it more dynamic.

Search email

Search is made simpler with wide text box at the top and the way results displayed




GMail has “compose” button to start a new email thread. Inbox shows various options on hovering mouse

We can create reminders directly from Inbox (it was part of Google+ before) and find recent contacts as well.

Also Invite button is available to send the Inbox invite to other friends.

The End
I am using the new Inbox (Desktop and Android version) from 2 weeks and it looks refreshing. Google is applying material design everywhere and Inbox looks cooler than GMail. But sometimes I get confused which mail is latest since Inbox reorders based on the action. It’s a matter of practice I guess

Have you tried the new Inbox from GMail? Do you feel it is as good as GMail? Please feel free to comment.

Play Store Link - Inbox

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Take care!!