Android 5.0 Lollipop in Nexus 4 Hands on Review - Page 2

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6) Recent Tabs

It is highly inspired from Chrome. Recent apps will appear as tabs instead of stack. Looks beautiful and easy to switch recent apps

Recent apps in Chrome style tabs

7) Multi-user support

This is not a new feature for Android since Android used to support multi users from 4.1. But this was available for Nexus tabs and some other custom ROMs like Cyanogenmod. It was not made available out of the box since phone was considered as personal device and it was not supposed to be shared with others.

Switching users
Things have changed… Line between tablet and phone is getting thinner and people started using phablets.

I can add guest user and allow them to use the phone. Guest will not be able to access any apps or personal data (including gallery). This becomes handy if your kid wants to play some games or colleague wants to make some urgent phone call

8) Screen Pinning

Another useful feature and it is an abstract version of multi user. I can pin one of the app and give the phone to someone. He/she will be able to use only the pinned app

Go to Settings à Security à Screen pinning

Enabling screen-pin option

You will be able to see pin button in recent tabs. Pin any one of the app and it is the only app user will be able to use. Click on back and recent button to un-pin. You can add additional security feature using lock pattern or pin. User will be redirected to lock screen if they tried to unpin and they have to know the pattern to view home screen.

Dialer pinned
9) Dialer

Dialer interface and gesture animations are good

Dialer with quick search and dial pad

Right gesture to view recent contacts

10) Google Chrome

Chrome works differently in 5.0. Add new tab button is moved to menu and switch tab was missing. Later found that chrome tabs are also listed along with recent apps. It was bit annoying in the start and now I’m used to it

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