Android 5.0 Lollipop in Nexus 4 Hands on Review - Page 3

I am disappointed to see that there is no gallery app and only Google photos app is available. It is difficult to view the folders since the way it is organized is not so user friendly. I was expecting a redesigned Gallery

12) Camera

No improvements in camera even after upgrading. The same camera app used in 4.4 is available in 5.0 as well

After few days, I discarded Google Photos and switched to CyanogenMod galley and then to QuickPic. 

The camera has issues in focusing images I was not able to get any good pictures even in daylight. I tried various alternate cameras and all of them were slow or showing spam messages. Finally downloaded Android 4.3 camera from XDA and it gave me back the nice old camera and gallery. 

Here is the APK file if you are also having issues with camera after update -

13) Battery

I did not find any major improvement in battery life compared to 4.4. I was expecting huge improvement since I read about Project Volta – a project to improve the battery.

Quick recharge - Nexus 6 supports fast charging - charge for 15 minutes and use for 6 hours. Looks like it is not a feature of 5.0

14) Rooting

Rooting Android 5.0 was not difficult as expected. XDA forums helped to root using the zip file.

14) Cast Screen

This one of the best feature of Lollipop. You can cast entire phone to a smart TV with the help of WIFI router. It does not require internet as well. You can also use Chromecast in case you dont have a smart TV.

The TV and phone should be in same WIFI and just press the "cast screen" button. Your entire phone will be visible in TV - you can video chat with friends using TV screen.. Cool 

15) Issues

Most of the apps used in 4.4 works without issues. MX Player did not work and hopefully they will update the app soon. 
- MX Player issue was resolved after an update and it works as expected.

Recent apps bug 

Found a minor bug in recent apps - I tried to swipe and close apps opened by me - gallery, chrome etc and made sure the recent is empty. Then I clicked the recent button again and it started showing system apps - Android system, Clock, Settings etc. Looks like it shows the apps that runs in the background. This never used to happen in 4.4

Android Lollipop in Nexus 5 

Checked with Nexus 5 users in my office and it is almost same as Nexus 4. One small difference is that Nexus 5 got white background for App Drawer and mine is black. Also Google Fit is pre-installed in Nexus 5

Android Lollipop 5.0 Bluetooth issue- Also one of Nexus 5 user complained about Bluetooth issue -  he is not able to view the files transferred via Bluetooth and there is no folder as well. This issue did not occur to me. 

I tried to transfer files via NFC to Nexus 5. It worked. Nexus 5 user is able to send files via Bluetooth ; but could not receive any. Tried to share files in safemode and it worked. It looks like some of the third party apps is creating issue.

Bootloop and Stability issues Read huge number of complaints that their phone became unusable after the update. Luckily I am not one of them (I have updated via factory image instead of OTA - may be that helped)

Battery improvement tips 

These steps improved my battery.

1) Turn off "Scanning always available" in WIFI
2) Turn off unwanted tones - Dial pad tones, Screen locking, touch sounds etc
3) Turn off adaptive brightness 
4) Location preference mode - Set as "battery saving"
5) Root your phone and install Greenify to hibernate apps
6) Disable / Hibernate Google Fit


So that was my quick review after using for 2 days. It looks stable and smooth and it is sweet as a Lollipop.

I have not explored other enhanced features – Face-unlock, Android beam, Tap and Pay, Encryption, etc. May be I need to play around for few more weeks.

Have you also upgraded to latest version? You will be lucky to get an update if you run stock version of Android. You can download custom ROM

Great job Google and Android team!! You have redefined Android!!