Google Cloud Print Review - Amazing

Google introduced a new product this month called “Cloud print”. The beta version is available as and android and Chrome application.

Let’s see how we can leverage this technology

Google cloud print is created to connect printers on the web – to make home and work printers available for anyone around the world. This means I can take a picture in US and print in friend’s printer in India without e-mail and fax. Also this will work in phone, tablet, Chromebook.

Classic printers can be connected to make it available in the cloud with the help of Chrome -

I was very excited to see the announcement and downloaded the app on 1st day in my Nexus 4. But I was not able to really test or enjoy the power since there is no printer in home and office printer is secured.

Now what happens if the Google Cloud print app is opened in phone?

Launch the app and it will show all printer jobs

Click on the pint button to choose a file – you can choose all storage applications - Google Drive, File manager, Gallery, Drop box etc

Once selecting the file, it will show all registered devices (including printers) - It did not make any sense to me at that point of time.

But today, I found out the use of the devices!!

If you make online payment, you will see the transaction message at the end along with Print button.

If you want to save these details, you can take a screenshot and e-mail to yourself for future reference. Otherwise it is possible to convert this to PDF using Chrome browser – find my previous blog for more details.
Now along with the PDF a new section appears – Google Cloud Print, in which I can choose all my devices. Select the device and the PDF will be transferred to the device (or printer too).

This is amazing. No screenshot, saving and sending to mail – just push to any devices with one click

So, what’s your story? Did you find real time benefits of the app? Please add your comments 


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